Developed by a research team at The Fisher College of Business, and based on the Supply Chain Resilience Assessment and Management (SCRAM) tool developed by OSU's Center for Resilience, the NCMM's SCRAM Lite tool allows companies to quickly assess the resilience of their supply chain.

By answering a set of 8 questions on your company's supply chain capabilities and another set of 8 questions on its vulnerabilities you'll be able to see your company's supply chain resiliency score and determine what adjustments should be made in order to remain competitive.

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To assess the resiliency of your supply chain you must answer all of the following questions. You will be asked eight questions on capabilities and eight on vulnerabilities.

This tool was developed by Mikaella Polyviou, Keely Croxton, Michael Knemeyer and Joseph Fiksel
and is based on a more comprehensive tool developed by Timothy Pettit, Joseph Fiksel and Keely Croxton.